Audit Hotline Information:

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What are fraud, waste and abuse?
Who should report?
Why should you report?
How can you report?
What should not be reported?
What Happens after a report is made?

Audit Hotline

To report Fraud, Abuse, and Waste call 630-23-Audit (630-232-8348) or click here.

The Auditor’s Office has concentrated its efforts to bring transparency to government spending and being pro-active in stopping the misuse of taxpayer monies. We believe that taxpayers need to know what elected & appointed officials do with your money. The Auditor’s Office has implemented a Fraud and Compliance Hotline. To access the Hotline page, click the Audit Hotline button above.​

Who should report fraud, waste and abuse?

  • County Residents
  • County Taxpayers
  • County Elected Officials
  • County Department Heads
  • County Employees
  • County Vendors, Contractors, Consultants
  • County Volunteers
  • Anyone who suspects or is aware of fraud, waste and abuse of Kane County government resources

We ask that you do not initiate an investigation on your own or alert the individuals involved of an impending or ongoing investigation if you suspect or are aware of such activity.